Siegfried Wagner, The Last Romantic - a 60 minutes documentary


The objective of this film is to find out more about the Opera works of this great composer. The fictional aspects of his life have been avoided in order to focus on the important part of the story, his music. Each of the musical pieces are accompanied by images, documents and mainly unedited pieces from private collections only used in this production. It was filmed mainly in Switzerland , Germany and Spain, countries where there is a great history and important Wagner tradition, both of the father Richard Wagner and his son Siegfried.

"SIEGFRIED WAGNER - THE LAST ROMANTIC" is currently the only audiovisual document dedicated exclusively to this great composer. In the 1920s, a few years before Siegfried died and while still at the height of his success, Otto Daube made a documentary film about his life and works. Years later, after his death and during the second world war, a bombing in 1944 destroyed part of what was his house, also destroying the only existing copy of the film. Only small fragments of what were presumably unused cuts from the film have been recovered, some of which have been included in this film.

Siegfried Wagner is without a doubt a clear representative of European romanticism. Years after his death and after the second world war, a changed Europe moved away from the “Romanticism” genre relegating it to the realms of small groups of intellectuals.

The film "SIEGFRIED WAGNER - THE LAST ROMANTIC" hopes that as well as remembering an unfairly forgotten composer, to renew interest in this musical style in order to recover the popularity of European cultural history.


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